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  • Supporting Faculty During COVID-19

    COVID-19 has disrupted academic life in many ways. UMD ADVANCE has created the following resources to help campus leaders and individual faculty navigate, address, and document the impact of the pandemic on faculty members.

  • Resources for UMD Caregivers, Families, and Parents

    A list of links and resources available to UMD caregivers, families, and parents.

  • Parental Leave & Work-Life Policies

    These FAQ address questions of general interest to faculty members at the University of Maryland at College Park, in regard to UMD policies that pertain to work and family, leave, and tenure. Below we discuss issues related to “Stop the Clock” (Delay of Tenure Review due to childbi

  • Work Environment Survey

    The University of Maryland Faculty Work Environment Survey was designed to measure the degree to which faculty perceive and experience their units, colleges, and the university to be investing in their professional growth and creating an inclusive work environment.

  • Search Committee Resources

    Increasing the diversity of the faculty is an important goal of the University of Maryland. This page contains resources and research for faculty search committees.

  • Faculty Evaluation Resources

    A list of publications and other resources describing faculty evaluation processes and considerations.