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  • COVID-19 and Faculty Equity

    This reference list contains studies about the impact of the pandemic on faculty workload and productivity and reports and research on institutional interventions to address equity.

  • Peer Networks

    Peer networks, or faculty learning communities, have the potential to foster learning and professional growth. This reference list contains research on the science and impacts of peer networks.

  • Faculty Hiring

    Faculty hiring is a costly process with significant consequences for diversity, but there are many ways in which bias can influence the process. This reference list contains the latest research on faculty hiring and effective strategies to make hiring more equitable.

  • Workload Equity

    The distribution of faculty workload can become unequal, with consequences for faculty productivity, advancement, and retention.

  • Work-Life Integration and Management

    The ability of faculty members to integrate their personal and professional lives is critical for maintaining faculty success and well-being.

  • Equity and Faculty Evaluation

    This reference list contains reports and research on equitable faculty evaluation.