We are studying the role of academic environments in enhancing the professional growth and retention of women faculty at four key career points: doctoral student, early career, associate-to-full professor, and full professor. Guided by O’Meara, Terosky & Neumann’s (2008) framework we define professional growth as opportunities for agency, learning, networks, and recognition of commitments. We study organizational practices that support the full participation (Sturm, 2007) of women faculty in their departments and institutions. We also consider the strategies individual women faculty assume to achieve their professional goals amidst work environments, reward systems, and cultures that may limit their full participation.

Key Areas of Study include:

  • Faculty Departure

  • The Faculty Time Study

  • Gender and On-Campus Service

  • Organizational Influences on STEM Doctoral Student Agency and Career Choice

  • Organizational Support for Faculty Learning

  • Enhancing Agency in Career Advancement through Professional Networks

  • Reward Systems

  • UM Work Environment Survey: Reports and Action Projects

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