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Faculty Evaluation Resources

A list of publications and other resources describing faculty evaluation processes and considerations. 


A set of evidence-based resources complied by the UMD ADVANCE Program focus on Bias in Faculty Evaluation.

Authors: Georgia Tech

These activities are designed for you to explore different scenarios concerning evaluation and mentoring that probe nuances of faculty decision-making. The statements in the games should provoke reflection on and discussion of bias.


The outline of the mutual expectations for our committee, which was developed to create an inclusive, collaborative working environment.

Authors: Misra, J

Evaluating faculty must evolve, given that faculty experiences have differed during the pandemic. Yet, faculty need an opportunity to document their contributions and achievements, as well as the pandemic-related limitations they have experienced. The goal is to enter this information into the record in a way that recognizes how each faculty member’s workload (how much they were doing in different areas) and work context (where and how they did their work) have differed due to the pandemic, and that allows the university to account for the pandemic’s long-term effects. Memories are short.

Authors: UMass Lowell - ADVANCE

Sample Procedural Guidelines for Personnel Decision Making. The recommendations for the operation of UMass Lowell Personnel Committees at all levels (departmental, college, and university) are based on evidence-based best practices to mitigate bias in the evaluation of candidates for tenure and promotion.