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Mission & Goals

Memorial Chapel

The mission of the ADVANCE Program is to support the recruitment, retention, advancement, and professional growth of a diverse faculty.

Our goals are to:

  • Enhance transparency to ensure that faculty members have access to information on the policies, practices, and resources they can leverage to advance their careers.
  • Strengthen faculty networks so that faculty members have access to the information, mentorship, collaboration, and support needed to advance their careers.
  • Support the uptake of policies, practices, and resources that enhance inclusivity and equity within units, colleges, and the University.
  • Build the capacity of faculty members to advocate for diversity, equity, and inclusion within their local and cross-campus context(s).
  • Understand and contribute to research and best practice on faculty diversity, equity, and inclusion policy, practice, and resources.
  • Improve the academic work environment to ensure that UMD is a place where all faculty members can thrive.

To achieve these goals, ADVANCE Program activities are concentrated in four areas:

  • Peer Networks: Faculty learning communities for faculty members of different identities, appointment types, and career stages that meet regularly to discuss issues of career advancement.
  • Education and Training: Evidence-based workshops and trainings about diversity, equity, and inclusion issues such as bias, bystander intervention, inclusive hiring and workload.
  • Advocacy and Advising: Strategic advice to campus policymaking bodies and membership on campus committees related to faculty diversity, equity, and inclusion.
  • Research and Evaluation:  Disseminate best practices and lessons learned to internal and external stakeholders.