Peer Networks

Peer networks are faculty learning communities organized by different identities and faculty rank/appointment type. Peer networks meet on a regular basis to discuss issues of career development, create opportunities for collaboration and partnership, and give faculty participants strategies for navigating campus.

Current Faculty Peer Networks (2022-2023)

  • ADVANCING Faculty Diversity (AFD)

    ADVANCING Faculty Diversity is a year-long peer network that is designed for faculty members and postdocs from racially minoritized groups of all genders and is facilitated by Dr. Bridget Turner Kelly, Associate Professor of Student Affairs.

    In 2022-2023, AFD will host four writing retreats and networking events (two in the Fall 2022 semester and two in the Spring 2023 semester) for all racially minoritized faculty, including AFD alumni and new faculty and postdocs. Each event will include time for networking, dedicated time for scholarly writing or productivity, and/or an invited speaker.


  • ADVANCING Professional Track Faculty (APTF)

    ADVANCING Professional Track Faculty is a year-long peer network designed for professional track faculty of all genders.

    In 2022-2023, the ADVANCE Program will host four networking events (two in the Fall 2022 semester and two in the Spring 2023 semester) for PTK faculty, including alumni of the APTF peer network and new PTK faculty. Each event will include time for networking and an invited speaker.

  • Keeping Our Faculties (KOF)

    Keeping Our Faculties is a year-long, mutual mentoring seminar designed to enhance the professional growth of pre-tenure faculty members who identify as women. Each session features a panel of experts. Participants in this program meet once a month with a senior woman professor to:

    • Build a cross-campus peer support network
    • Obtain critical information about requirements for tenure and promotion from faculty who have served on the promotion and tenure committee and/or have recently gone through the process
    • Develop and refine career advancement materials such as personal statement, teaching portfolio, and vita, and consider one’s personal brand as a scholar
    • Discuss other key aspects of career success at UMD such as making time for research, negotiation and conflict resolution, teaching, and balance of work and life priorities

Other Peer Networks

ADVANCING Together Workshops (AT) – A year-long peer network for associate professors who identify as women. This peer network is designed to provide knowledge of the promotion to full process, tips on dossier preparation, and discussions of critical career decisions.