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Peer Networks

Peer networks are faculty learning communities organized by different identities and faculty rank/appointment type. Peer networks meet on a regular basis to discuss issues of career development, create opportunities for collaboration and partnership, and give faculty participants strategies for navigating campus.

Current Faculty Peer Networks (2022-2023)

  • ADVANCING Faculty Diversity (AFD)

    ADVANCING Faculty Diversity is a year-long peer network that is designed for faculty members and postdocs from racially minoritized groups of all genders and is facilitated by Dr. Akua Asa-Awuku, Professor for the A. James Clark School of Engineering.

    In 2023-2024, AFD will host six networking events (three in the Fall 2023 semester and three in the Spring 2024 semester) plus one reception meeting in the beginning of Fall 2023 for all racially minoritized faculty, including AFD alumni and new faculty and postdocs. Each event will include time for networking, dedicated time for scholarly writing or productivity, and/or an invited speaker.

    Registration Link for 2023-2024 AFD Peer Network:


  • PTK Women in Leadership (WPTK)

    PTK Women in Leadership (WPTK) is a year-long peer network designed for professional track faculty of all genders.

    This year-long peer network (3 meetings per semester with optional meetings between) will focus on enhancing the leadership skills and efficacy of women professional track faculty at UMD. Through interactive skill-building sessions and exercises, group and panel discussion, and group mentoring, participants will generate an understanding of what it means to be a leader in today’s academic environment and the skills that can be leveraged to pursue leadership roles.

    Registration Link for 2023-2024 APTK Peer Network:

    The registration deadline is July 30.

Other Peer Networks

ADVANCING Together Workshops (AT) – A year-long peer network for associate professors who identify as women. This peer network is designed to provide knowledge of the promotion to full process, tips on dossier preparation, and discussions of critical career decisions.

Keeping Our Faculties (KOF) – A year-long network of pre-tenure assistant professors who identify as women created to enhance agency in career advancement.