Search Committee Resources

Increasing the diversity of the faculty is an important goal of the University of Maryland. This page contains resources and research for faculty search committees, including information on how to register for Inclusive Hiring Workshops offered by the ADVANCE program.

Faculty Recruitment Resources List

Broadening diversity in the applicant pool is a critical element for ensuring that a search will be a success. This list contains websites, journals, and other places search committees may share job advertisements to reach a broad audience.

Enhancing On-Campus Interviews

Campus interviews offer candidates an opportunity to meet department members and imagine what it may be like to work at the university, but they are also highly prone to bias. This brief summarizes strategies for enhancing the structure of on-campus interviews. 

Developing a Diverse Candidate Short List

As search committees winnow candidate lists, often diversity is reduced. This brief summarizes ways search committees can enhance diversity as they reach this stage of the hiring process. 

Constructing Clear Candidate Evaluation Criteria & Using A Rubric

The criteria by which faculty search committees evaluate candidates is often undefined or ambiguously defined. This brief summarizes strategies for making candidate evaluation criteria clearer and advice on how search committees can more effectively use rubrics. Examples rubrics are included.