Asked more often: Gender differences in faculty workload in research universities and the work interactions that shape them

O'Meara, K., Kuvaeva, A., Nyunt, G., Waugaman, C., & Jackson, R.
American Educational Research Journal, 54(6)
Journal Article

Guided by research on gendered organizations and faculty careers, we examined gender differences in how research university faculty spend their work time. We used time-diary methods to understand faculty work activities at a microlevel of detail, as recorded by faculty themselves over 4 weeks. We also explored workplace interactions that shape faculty workload. Similar to past studies, we found women faculty spending more time on campus service, student advising, and teaching-related activities and men spending more time on research. We also found that women received more new work requests than men and that men and women received different kinds of work requests. We consider implications for future research and the career advancement of women faculty in research universities.