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Have you ever witnessed social bias – a stereotype, form of discrimination or exclusion – but didn’t know what to do? Have you experienced bias yourself and wanted to speak up but were unsure how to do so, only to ruminate later about all you should have said or done? People who witness bias often want to respond, but most find it difficult to know what to do or how to do it well, particularly when biases are subtler, implicit or ambiguous. Research, however, suggests that when bystanders speak up, they play an important role as allies in reducing bias!

ADVANCE's TERP Allies program will use interactive theater and discussion of self-generated scenarios addressing a range of biases that may occur in academic settings. Workshops use humor and the arts as a way to open up discussion about how to organize our work environments to be more inclusive.

TERP Allies is recruiting and training non-professional actors in September 2017 - click here for more information.
Training session dates are listed below. To become a TERP Allies actor, you will need to attend one A Meeting and one B Meeting.

  • A Meetings: Wednesday, Sept. 13, 10AM-12PM, Marie Mount 1310 
    OR Wednesday, Sept. 20, 2-4PM, Marie Mount 1310
  • B Meetings: Monday, Sept. 25, 2-4PM, Marie Mount 1310
    OR Tuesday, Oct. 3, 10AM-12PM, Marie Mount 1310

TERP Allies will be available for university, college and department retreats and meetings starting in mid-October, 2017. 

If you have further questions, please contact Gudrun Nyunt at ghaider@umd.edu

Past Events:

Becoming an Ally: Strategies for Responding to Bias with Stephanie Goodwin, Director for Faculty Development and Leadership at Wright State University.

Click here to see the flyer for TERP Allies: An Interactive Theater Program

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