Mission & Vision

UMD ADVANCE aims to:

  • Create Transparency so all faculty have information and understand what they need to do to succeed.
  • Enrich Professional Networks so all faculty have support from colleagues.
  • Increase Retention so more faculty feel UMD is the best place to build a career.
  • Increase Awareness of and Reduce Implicit Bias and its negative effects on faculty careers.
  • Improve Work Environments and climate so they are equitable and provide faculty challenge and support.

We accomplish these goals by strengthening strategic relationships between faculty on campus. We identify work environment challenges and tackle them together to become a more inclusive university. 

The UMD ADVANCE project has been recognized for being particularly successful in:

  • Providing high quality, campus-wide peer networks that invest in faculty professional growth at every career stage (assistant, associate, full/mentor, and advancement into leadership);
  • Using data to increase awareness of equity issues, mentor, and improve work environments (career, salary, service workload dashboards, faculty work environment survey and action projects, work-life awareness);
  • Advocating for and helping to craft policy change in areas that specifically affect women (parental leave, interdisciplinary research, promotion and tenure policy)
  • Assigning a woman leader to each college to help create and sustain peer networks of support and recognition, and to provide feedback and advice to the dean on work environment challenges.

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