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Our listserv (advance-news) is one of the primary ways we distribute information on our program activities, as well as a small number of announcements on other topics of particular interest to the ADVANCE community. The list is moderated and you will not be bombarded with "Reply Alls."  Since we are all overwhelmed with emails, we try to keep our communications strictly to the most valuable information.

To Subscribe

  1. To subscribe to the list send an email to:

  2. The text in the body of the message (not the subject) should contain: subscribe advance-news name-of-subscriber

  3. For example, if you are Jane Doe, you would place the following text in the body of the message:

  4. Subscribe advance-news Jane Doe

  5. You should also leave off any signature you normally include in your messages.

To Unsubscribe

If you decide you want to leave the list repeat the above process above but replace subscribe with unsubscribe and leave your name off.

For example: unsubscribe advance-news.

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