Supporting Faculty During COVID-19

COVID-19 has disrupted academic life in many ways. UMD ADVANCE has created the following resources to help campus leaders and individual faculty navigate, address, and document the impact of the pandemic on faculty members. We will be updating this page regularly.

ADVANCE Resources

The Pandemic and Faculty Work: This reference list contains studies about the impact of the pandemic on faculty workload and productivity and reports and research on institutional interventions to address equity. It also includes some selected references about the impact of stress, burnout, and workload inequity on important faculty outcomes such as productivity and advancement. This document will be update as new research emerges. Click here to view the reference list.

Strategies for Equitable Faculty Evaluation: This brief summarizes studies that consider the impact of the pandemic on different groups of faculty members; describes interventions institutions have used to mitigate and document the impact of the pandemic on faculty equity; and finally identifies key equity issues that may emerge in faculty evaluation and provides strategies for how evaluation committees can put in place “equity checks” (O’Meara, 2020; Posselt et al., 2020) to enhance fairness. Click here to view the document.

Strategically Documenting COVID-19 Impacts and Invisible Faculty Labor: This document provides examples for the ways in which faculty members (TTK and PTK) might strategically document and report on the impact of COVID-19 on their teaching, service, and scholarship in completing their annual reviews. While personal narratives or supplemental information in Digital Measures is not required, offering contextual information may be useful for evaluation purposes. Click here to view the document.

Faculty Work Activities Impacted by COVID-19: This document lists the kinds of faculty work activities that may have been impacted by the pandemic that faculty members may wish to document for the purposes of evaluation, promotion, and reporting. OFA has subsequently mapped these work activities into the relevant Digital Measures fields. Click here to view the work activities and relevant Digital Measures fields where faculty members can document COVID-19 impacts.

Supporting Faculty Members | Guide for Unit Heads: OFA and ADVANCE have created a document to offer suggestions to academic leaders about how to balance faculty member needs impacted by the COVID-19 crisis on faculty members with the need to continue department operations, offer high-quality instruction to students, and support research excellence. Click here to read Supporting Faculty Members | Guide for Unit Heads.

Other Campus Resources

University Human Resources Return to Campus site: This website has many resources including supervisor and employee for managing child care with work.

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